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2000 Deville Questions

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Hello, all. Just recently acquired a 2000 Deville with 68k on the clock.

Runs very smooth, and quiet. However, there are some things that concern me.

1. The change oil light is on, so I checked the level. I topped it off with a quart for now till it reached the max fill range; I plan to change the oil ASAP anyways. Said the oil life was at 0%, but the sticker on the windshield hadn't reached the change mileage yet. How do you reset the oil level monitor? Is it automatic?

2. The drivers side blows hot air, and the passengers side blows hot air. I believe this is probably just a faulty actuator? It's throwing CURRENT codes IPM B0419 and IPM BO429

3. It seems there might be excessive condensation coming from the tail pipes. It doesn't smell like anything, just thicker than your average tail pipe exhaust. Is this common on these bigger engines? Maybe it's from sitting? Hope it's not a head gasket issue, but the car doesn't seem to be overheating.

Thanks for any help.

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It is likely the oil was changed and the oil life was not reset. To reset the oil life index, select it using the INFORMATION button on the dash. Then press and hold the INFO RESET button - the display will show XXX% and then will display 100%, then release the INFO RESET button. The system has no idea when the oil is changed - it must be manually reset.

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Just one tiny thing for clarity's sake: the Oil Life Monitor (OLM) has absolutely nothing to do with oil level monitoring. Its purpose is strictly to tell you when the oil should be changed based on a very complex set of interacting parameters that it monitors. It presumes that you're using the oil specified in the owner's manual and that you don't have major leaks that require topping up with fresh oil on a frequent basis (in other words, a car with an oil system that's working like it did when it left the factory).

For level checking the dipstick is the mechanism.




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as for the condensation it likely comes from poor quality fuels, and could you be more specific on the heat issue. the other member nailed the OLM question


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