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Replcement for GMPP?


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I read that the GMPP major guard has been sold to Ally Bank?

The replacement is GMEPP that is owned by GM Financial.

James E Black in Ebensburg Pa who sells lots of extended warranty is the only place I can find a comparison of the 2 side by side.

Most local dealers are still pushing the GMPP.

Just looking for comments.


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Interesting. GM recently sold their share of Ally. More choices are good I suppose, but it does make selection a bit more subtle.


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It is interesting reading on the Black Cadillac website. The original GMPP can use the name until April 2016 After 2016 Ally will have no rights to access the GM computer system database. It may slow down the payments to the dealers.

The new GMEPP is simpler Platinum or Silver $0 or $100 deductible.

I looked long and hard to find a used Platinum DTS since I do not like the Platinum XTS. In fact I drove 6 hours to pick it up in Bethesda MD. I plan on purchasing the Platinum GMEPP for my 2011 DTS Platinum with 29K on it and hope for the best.

The car is great and I plan on holding onto it until GM comes out with something full size that I like.

In closing I wrote a letter to Cadillac expressing my dislike for the full size car they now offer and they responded they are constantly reviewing customers concerns

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I purchased the new Cadillac Extended Protection Plan Platinum by GM (GMEPP) at Black Cadillac on my wife's 2013 ATS4 two weeks ago with 6400 miles on it.

The reading and articles from auto publications like Automotive News and others that are linked on Black's website worried me about Ally (formerly GMAC). The GM Protection Plan in 2016 has to remove GM from their name and looses all access to all GM Dealerships computer systems.

I read it here http://www.jamesblackcadillac.com/compare.html It is a little long but well documented.

The one Automotive News linked article said Ally closed shop in Latin America, all of Europe and currently closing all operations in China. What worried me is that they lost 30% of there employees in the US in the last year. That is why I went with the new GM plan.

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Alan Black (the owner) is the best and many times you will deal with him directly when you purchase a warranty. over the years I have purchased many warranty's from him. My 2001 DTS was covered until 2005 under the factory warranty. He extended it another 7 years under the GMPP I chose the zero deductible (expense) So it was covered until 2012. I recently purchased a 2011 Platinum DTS and got a warranty from Alan Black good until 2021.

No Sales tax helps

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