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Is the Independent Car Dealer ‘Dead’? #Motorama

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The average local car dealer is independent relative to the car company whose product they sell. However, increasingly car dealers are no longer independent, privately owned firms. Car dealers are generally owned by large corporations such as Group 1 Automotive:

What does that mean for you as a car buyer? Even the manager of your local dealership isn’t the Owner — who may not even live in your state.

Read more: http://caddyinfo.com/wordpress/independent-car-dealers-left/


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It means two things to me: The knowledgeable buyer will have an easier time getting the right price for a new car, and service will be more consistent in quality. The very best dealers in the past have been individually owned business with good internal cultures top to bottom. Most individually owned or small group dealers are good for sales or good for service, but they have their forte with one or the other.

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