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PCM codes on 2002 Cadillac Deville

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I have a 2002 cadillac deville and I am getting two codes. PCM P0300 which I know is a misfire and I know that the misfire is happening on cylinder #2. I have changed the spark plugs and boots and still have the misfire. So my question is, Should I now replace the coil pack? And is this coil pack the front pack that is a light gray color? Now the next code came about today. My car stalled a week ago but seem to be fine after that. But today i drove it and when trying to crank it, it turned over but cut right off. I then cranked and gave it gas and it would only stay on if i kept my foot on the gas. I got the code PCM P0106 which I've read is MAP system. Could this problem be caused by the misfire, and should I replace this sensor. Or any suggestions where I should start, and the cost for parts. Thanks

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How did you determine the misfire was cylinder #2? The Deville does not have a p0302 code in the PCM. Just p0300. You need a Tech2 to determine which cylinder is causing the p0300 code. See attached picture.

Anyway, the coil packs can and do go bad. I used to carry a tested spare one in the trunk.

#2 is on the forward bank of the engine. First cylinder on the passenger side.

The front coil pack is silver in color, the rear one is black. Technically they are identical and can be interchanged.


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