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Help! 1991 Cadillac sedan deville 4.9 wont start!!

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Im new on here and need help. My cadi has been running fine until recently, hence the reason im on here asking for help. It all started when I was on a long drive when I found that the car decided to loose power. I did a tune up and after everything has been changed, decided to stall when I would start her up. Never happened before. Well a week later, as im driving on the freeway at 70 mph, she decides to lose power. While going to the shoulder she turns off on me. After I put her in park, she cranks but no start. At first, I thought it was something like the fuel sensor or pump, but when I did a diagnostic, she came back with e41, e52, and e55. The e41 has been fixed, so as I went to reset the codes, the e55 remained and she is doing the same thing. Can anyone give me an insight on what it can be??

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P041 (E041) No Cam Reference Signal from Ignition Control Module

P052 (E052) PCM Memory Reset

P055 (E055) Closed Throttle Angle Out of Range [TPS]

The E052 just means that the battery has been out recently, probably when you worked on the car to fix the connection to the distributor sensor. Now the E055 codes tells us that you need to look at the signal from the throttle position sensor.

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The no cam reference signal code from the distributor is most likely why the engine won't start. Check the wiring connections for corrosion. If no corrosion is present, the cam sensor on the distributor may be bad.

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You need to see if you are getting spark by removing a spark plug wire and holding it near ground as someone cranks the engine.

If there is no spark, I would suspect the ignition control module (or it's wires). It's the boomerang looking component under the distributor cap. I don't believe they are expensive at all & if it's bad, would recommend you get OEM.

Because the wires can break internally you should also test the wires & connectors.

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Check battery connecton for corrosion. Check the Fuel Pressure Regulator for leak at the vacuum line. Check Fuel pressure. On my 92 I had a wire short out on the passenger side around the bottom of the radiator. Hope this helps.

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