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Rear end still low even after shock replacement


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My 98 Concours keeps loosing air in the rear when loaded, dealer replaced the rear shocks and air line ($1700 under warranty) but the problem still exists. If I have a few hundred pounds of weight in the trunk it will bottom out withing about 1.5 hours in the garage. Same thing seems to happen when loaded on long trips, after a couple of hours the suspension bottoms out and the compressor no longer pumps up the rear unless I restart the car, then it pumps back up untill I drive for a few more hours, then back down.

There are no codes present. I am thinking a leaking valve in the compressor, any thoughts?

Also this seemed to start after a broken rear coil spring was replaced, warranty company would only pay to replace one spring so that is all we replaced, do you think that could have anything to do with this?


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Suggest you check for leaks at the compressor or lines leading to the shocks.

Although unlikely a new shock can also leak.

I wonder too if the level sensor could have been knocked out of kilter when the shock was replaced?

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