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cts 3,6 08 Any way to open rear right door?


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Unfortenatly it is not possible to open the rear right door from outside or inside. Battery is ok.

In order to fix the problem I have to remove the door panel. But how is this possible when the door is closed and can´t be opended from inside?

Is there any way to open door when inside door handle is not working?

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If you are handy, roll the window down on the passenger side, shine a flashlight down, and see if you can see what is happening with the door handle when you open the door. - then see if you can mimick that with say a coat hanger, or some kind of slim jim. - also, is child proff locks on, maybe you can get to that switch from the inside with a little wire?

You'd be surprised how much you can pull the inside door skin away from the windowframe. I took the car to a paintless dent removal shop a few years ago, the guy pulled the inside door skin away about 4 inches (with the window UP) so he can get the tools in between the door without removing the inside door skin. - I'm sure all the interior door mechanisms were visable then.

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