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Coolant Leak on 02 SLS


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Coolant leaks out directly after pouring in. Hose is dangling from beneath the vehicle directly behind the front left fender/tire.. I believe its the large coolant hose but i dont have any clue how to reconnect it back in place. My Heat blows out cold air and i need help fixing it. Im pretty sure the hose thats hanging need to be reconnected, I need help before i start fixing myself. Dont want to make the problem any worst.. Thanks in advance for the replies!!!

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The plumbing diagram in that region is two hoses coming around the rear of the engine, two going through the firewall to the heater core, and one of them with a Tee fitting and that offshoot going to the surge tank. The heater hoses behind the engine are metal, and rubber hoses attach to them with clamps at both ends. Here is the FSM diagram of the heater outlet pipe, which has the Tee built into it:


1. ?
2. ?
3. Hold down fastener (3)
4. Surge tank hose
5. Heater outlet pipe
6. Water-cooled generator hose, if equipped

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