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...most peculiar. A couple of days ago, my turn signals quit working. I'd

notice a curious erratic-sounding buzz when using the turn signals for a

day or so, but it didn't register with me at the time.

...I figured it's the flasher unit itself, so I bought and installed one. No luck.

...checked and all the lights seem to come on...they just don't flash. So I

have run every possible fuse -- even replaced them with new ones, with

the thought that even if the fuse looks good, it might be old and tires.

...thus far, no luck. I'll be at my buddy's garage/shop this afternoon and

have some hopes that between us we can sort this out.

...the Owners' Manual is of some help in identifying what fuse works with

what part of the system, but an actual schematic would really be helpful.

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Have you checked for OBD codes? The turn signals probably won't throw a code, but the first thing to do when you have any problem is run the codes and fix whatever you find from them first.

There are two flashers, as JimD says, a conventional one for the hazard warning flasher and a high-tech one for the turn signals. The hazard warning flasher is probably in an aluminum can but the turn signal flasher is in a black plastic box.

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...all good information, gentlemen, and my thanks. Parts store fellow happily sold me a replacement flasher unit -- that little "tin can" we're

all familiar with. He even printed out a page of "how to," as simple as it is. Drop the knee panel (two screws) and there it is. But what he

didn't know -- and my Owners' Manual DOESN'T tell me -- is that there are TWO flasher units, as you've pointed out. My problem was

with the turn signal flasher. Just FYI, you take two flat-bladed screwdrivers and pop out the headlight/twilight/gas/trunk control module

to the left of the steering wheel. Just alongside the steering column is the flasher for the turn signals. It's a rectangular black box an inch-

and-a-half or so tall, and it's mounted in a little clip. Pop it out, replace the unit, put everything back and -- Shazam! -- your turn signal

problem is solved. I was lucky enough to find a video online of a fellow performing this job, or I would never have found the doggoned

turn signal flasher. As I say, the Manual doesn't tell you that. So thank you, gents, for the input...and thanks to that anonymous DIYer

and his video.

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