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CaddyInfo Cadillac Chat 2013-11-14

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It's Thursday night so it must be time for CaddyInfo Cadillac Chat.  Join us on Google+ -- see my signature below -- to participate live.  Tune in here to watch along (assuming we get a quorum -- Cadillac Jim is offline tonight).



2016 Cadillac ATS-V gray/black

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...just found my turn signal gizmo packed up. AutoZone had the part for about twelve bucks, so tomorrow I'll be under the dash, removing the impact-absorbing knee panel

to access the old one and replace it. Meantime, I've found drivers aren't as aware of hand signals as they once were.

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Perhaps "building the brand" has something to do with overcoming perceptions that it's out of the reach of the Ordinary Joe, or to show the long-term reliability of these machines. Mine is fifteen years old and still a wonderfully comfortable and serviceable ride, despite the minor repairs you'd expect with any older vehicle.

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...rode some Honday prototypes when I was a kid in Japan 1961-62, rode small displacement bikes for my college years, and my last one was a 600 cc Yamaha.

Sold it after my pal laid his down on the freeway, thanks to a blown tire. I don't bounce any higher than he does, I figured, so I sold it. But I've promised myself

that when I turn 80, I'm buying a trike.

...wish I could hang in longer, but have chores to do. Will try to catch you guys again next week. Thanks.

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