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seat question 97 Seville


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Hi all. I am getting ready to put my 97 Seville away for the winter but I have a question before I forget. I would like to try to figure something out before spring.

I am used to my Deville which seats almost anyone comfortably but My seville is not so comfortable.

It seems like the front seats should go back farther but I find that I feel cramped because I have long legs. Is there anything I can do (seat track swap, etc...)?

What makes it smaller between the deville and seville, I dont know if the seat tracks are moved forward or if the overall length of the car is just that much shorter.

I am sure I am not the only one that has issues with this but I wonder if someone has done anything. I take this car on long hauls and it is not very fun being cramped.

I wish I could say that something is stuck in the track but both seats go back the same.

I find it is easiest to get in and out if I put the seatback back a bit.

I also wish that the memory seating was automatic for the exit portion. It sets when you put the key in but it wont exit unless you push the exit button.

I just figured I would bring these up. If there is nothing I can do I will simply live with it because I love the car but it would be nice to know.

Thanks all


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I think the 1997 Seville was a completely new design and the front seat legroom may have changed from the 1996 Deville. The new platform was then used, as far as I can tell, on the Seville until it was discontinued in 2004. After that, the platform became the DTS until it was discontinued in 2011 or 12 but I'm not sure of the start date. I do know that the interior design and room of my 2008 DTS is identical to my 1999 Seville.

Soooo, maybe, seats or seat tracks from a later model DTS say from 2005 - 2011 will work in your Seville. Since the DTS (Deville) was the "big" car, Caddy always had generous legroom in it. As far as your exit position is concerned, two things might be going on. First, you should be able to change the program in order for the exit position to be activated when the key is removed from the ignition. If you make that programming change and the exit position is still not activated, your ignition switch may be faulty.

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The '97 Seville was the last year of the '92-'97 year range. The redesign came for the '98 model year and that is the style that lasted through 2004.

Not sure what can be done to increase the legroom - unless you fabricated some brackets to locate the seat back farther but that would be risky from a crash/impact testing prospective.

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as for the devilles, I havent driven one that had legroom issues. I think the body itself is longer on the Deville. Basically longer wheelbase. Clearly when I have my deville and seville parked next to each other the Deville towers over the seville and is a bit longer


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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