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motor mount fail


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A possible "repair"? 1999 sts

My front motor mount took about 2 months to break after removing engine and repairing head gaskets. New motor mount included. When it broke, the engine rocked back so far it smashed an entire group of wires against something on the firewall. I was shooting across an intersection when I probably shouldn't so I floored it. It started out great, then bam. when that happened it would barely run and now I am DEFINITELY in an intersection I should not be in. To say the least since it is likely for me to get in that sort of a position again I didn't want to replace the mount with another!

To the point...I got a piece of cable from the hardware store, put a chain hook on one end (an open hook, not the kind that grab a link), and made a small loop on the other end, and two clamps on each end. Then put the hook over the Y in the motor mount bracket. On the lower end I removed the mount nut and put the loop over the stud from the rubber mount with a nut that has a washer made on.

Time to try it out. Success, oops, the first time I let off the throttle fast the engine rocked back enough to let the cable fall out of the hook. Next I figure I need a spring to keep the hook in the Y. Hardware store has a light spring, FAIL..Looking around the shop I found an old brake spring with a hook on one end and the other end goes into a hole and rotates to keep it in. My hook came off a come along and has a hole for a spring cover to keep the hook on, or in my case to keep the brake spring on now :glare: The lower portion of my mount also has a small hole in the front lower portion, (unknown reason) but now its for the other end of my brake spring. Success so far.

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Sounds like a pretty good solution... :)

Back in the old days...I had a 1970 Duster 340 that was always breaking left side motor mounts.

I used a piece of tow chain and ran it from a bolt on the exhaust manifold to the frame to keep the engine from moving and breaking the mounts.

No more broke mounts.... :)

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