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2005 Suspension question

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I have a base model 2005 Deville that I have recently acquired. The car is in great mechanical shape but I have questioned the suspension on it. When I first start the car I hear the suspension in the back doing its thing, but I have noticed that when there are people in the back or the trunk is full the car sags. Shouldn't the ride height remain the same no matter what? I guess I am comparing it to a Lincoln Town Car air suspension, are they the same or different? Any info is appreciated. Thank you.

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Your car has automatic level control, which uses air bags to supplement the rear springs to keep the car level as the load changes. Apparently it is not functioning. I believe that 2005 was the last model year that allowed running the OBD codes from the A/C buttons. If not, and the car has OnStar, call OnStar and ask them for the OBD codes. The ones related to the automatic level control are of the form C0625, where C means Chassis and the 0625 is a four-digit error code. In addition, the car's computers keep track of whether each code is CURRENT (the error is being detected when the computer is asked for its error codes) or HISTORY, and you need to know that too. Write these codes down and post them here.

Be sure and get *all* the codes. The OBD codes will tell you what is not working in the automatic level control, and other codes may tell you about things that need attention that you don't know about.

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Crawl under the rear of the car car and apply some soapy water to the rubber shock boots - if it bubbles up, the boots are rotted and you will need to replace the shocks.

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