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So I am driving down the NJ Tpke,doing about 70mph and I hear this strange,kind of a wind flap sound.Look in my rear view and I cant see out the window.Pull over and my fake convertible cloth top is hanging off the back.Came completely off,just hanging by the piece that folds under at both rear sides.It is in one piece.I know there was no frayed edges because I just cleaned and treated it 2 days earlier.When I get home I see on the news that there was a lot of wind damage in NJ in that area,even a suspected tornado.Looks like the old one can be put back on.Who would do that kind of work?Would any body shop be able to do it?Thought about trying it myself,but I dont think I would get the edges tucked properly.

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Look for a body shop that installs fake convertible tops; they should have the know-how and equipment to fix yours properly.

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Apparently the fiberglass "cap" has to be removed and recovered and then riveted back on.One option would be to remove the fiberglass cap and the roof would be the same paint,these tops are installed after a car is completely painted,but it would have to have the rivet holes filled and most likely need to be completely repainted,insurance will only pay to restore what was there already.I drop it off tomorrow,hope it dont take too long.

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