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Just saying hi from me and my 04 DHS...

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I picked this up a week ago.


Right place, right time, right price and one hell of a winter car. 13500mi. and it looks, feels, drives...and smells like a new car...no smokers!

My last Cad was an 85 Deville that was plated by City Cadillac in Toronto in Feb-84 as a vp demo...the new model coming out "next year" and it had all of the timely toys. I drove it for years without any trouble save for the ac which was "wear and tear". The previous owner (parent of a famiy friend} was a severe smoker and didn't gaf about the car...it took me almost a year after I got the car (following his death) to get the smoker smell out of it!

"New" Cad, new baby/problem child I guess.I drive a new Chrysler Town & Country for work so my Cad does a lot of sitting but when I get back into it after a 5 month show (started/driven once a week) I know I can get home with it without a hitch. In a 6~10 year old Caddy as my dd, I get all of the toys coming out in the new cars years later and someone else has already paid the price for what I'm driving as infrequently as I do.


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