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94 Seville won't start

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I have a 94 Seville that has been used as my daily driver for about the last six months. I drive it to work one morning with no issues or messages other than service ride control which was there when I purchased the car. That evening when I went to leave it wouldn't start. Turns over and cranks but does not start. I then noticed the messages traction disabled, stop engine, and low oil wait, which have never shown before. I tried changing the fuel pump and filter with no success on solving anything. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. Also the miles to empty gauge only says LO now until you try and start it and then it just has the dashes across it after that. I did try putting more gas in just in case. First thing I tried.


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I could be wrong, but I don't think it will start with the STOP ENGINE message displayed.

Pull the codes and post the codes here... we will help you figure out what is wrong with it.

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20 year old car...could be several differnet things.

The 'stop engine' message should not cause a no start.

There may be a loss of data issue. The '--' blank display is a clue. Could be failing IPC or PCM. Could be nothing.

Did you check for fuel pressure? Can you hear the pump run?

When you changed the pump...Did you change the in-tank harness? I attached a picture of a bad harness connector. It's not always as obvious as what is shown in the pic. You can often duplicate the failure mode if the harness is not replaced.


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