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Hi, I'm new to the site. I'm thinking to buying my buddy's 67 caddy conv. Engine is seized. Was wondering what engine to put in it. Any ideas? Want it to sound mean and have some power. Pease be specific on engines that would fit this vehicle and perform/ sound well. As I am no mechanic. Thanks

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Unless you are going to find a used 1967 Cadillac engine for an exact or near-exact replacement, you are pretty much on your own as far as an engine swap is concerned. Here are some general things to look for if you don't match the model year exactly.

Fitment of brackets, accessories, starter, water pump, fan clearance with the radiator and fan shroud, exhaust manifold clearing the steering gear, etc. are some general things to look for if you don't have an exact match. Matching up to the transmission is less likely to be a problem unless you use a front-wheel-drive engine, but getting the transmission with the engine will move the problem to matching up the shifting linkage and front universal joint.

Try to use all the brackets and accessories from your old engine on the replacement to minimize the problems, even with another engine from 1956. Note that mounting for the brackets on the engines depends on bolting to the castings, and the bosses may not even be there, much less the drilled and tapped holes, when model years differ.

All the Cadillac V8s from 1949 through 1962 weighed about the same so you won't run into a problem with the front end high or low with any of them. The big V8 from 1963-1980 were in general lighter but the displacement varied quite a bit so the weight may have varied too. Engines from the 1956 through 1958 will be closest to the 1956 model year engine if you find, say, a 1957 engine and want to try that.

Cadillac revised their original 331 cid V8 introduced in 1948 for the 1956 model year, increasing the bore to 4" and thus the displacement to 364 cid. The 364 was used through the 1958 model year; they went to 390 cid for 1959 and kept that size through the 1962 model year. The V8 for 1963 was the same displacement but the castings were completely redesigned and were lighter. 1964 saw a 429 cid displacement, 1968 saw 472 cid, and the 500 cid engine first appeared for the 1970 Eldorado although some Cadillacs had the 472 through the 1974 model year. 1977 saw them downsize to 425 cid an 1980 to 368 cid.

I would try to get an exact replacement and a custom dual exhaust system for what you seem to be looking for. This will minimize the cost and issues in getting the car going again.

You might also look at rebuilding the engine. If you drain the oil and there is no metal in it, the engine is probably good for a standard rebuild (bore, new pistons, cam, lifters, pushrods, rockers, gaskets, valve job, rebuilt carburetor, etc. If it threw a rod or was run without oil or some such, the engine is junk because a used 1956 Cadillac engine is not that hard to find or that expensive.

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Actually, from what I read above, '64, '65, '66, and '67 had the 429. I had a 1965 and it was a great runner, particularly on the interstate. It also had the old 6 cylinder, wobble plate A/C compressor (Delco) and R12 freon. I've got a little R12 left in fact, somewhere in my garage. At any rate, my biggest worry on this car would be that huge driveshaft with CV joints at both ends. Not sure if there was a center support bearing, hopefully they all could still be rebuilt.

You might be better off just taking this engine apart and fixing it.

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Why not repair the existing engine??? A car such as that is much more valuable with the original engine.

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