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Happy I am not on the road tonight where I expected to be, and so here are our planned topics for discussion:

  • Cadillac is announcing the new Escalade on 10/7. What do you want to see in the new Escalade? What do you expect to see?
  • 420 hp CTS VSport put up close quartermile times to the current 556 hp CTS-V Coupe. Is this the 8 speed shining through?
    • 12.7 SECONDS @ 112.8 MPH vs 12.3 at 116.6 mph
  • Is Bill Peffer, formerly of Nissan Australia the right guy to lead Cadillac US Sales & Service? What is one thing you would tell Mr Peffer?
  • Cadillac vs Tesla -- what does Cadillac need to do next? Super-ELR?
  • ATS to be introduced in China in 4Q, imported from the US by Shanghai GM. August SRX+XTS Chinese sales were 4,244. How will ATS sell there?


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