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99 eldo

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hi friends how do i find out how many 1999 eldorados were produced that year. I m very curious because i can,t seem to find any sites on this topic. Also why did cadillac give you a choice on the ETC and ESC. was it the price? I drove a ETC and ESC, and i decided on the esc because it drove better than the etc, plus the esc was my color choice which is that rare deep navy blue color. happy driving.

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The main difference in the ESC and the ETC is the suspension and engine. The ESC has 275 hp, 300 lb*ft of torque, and a soft-ride suspension. The ETC has 300 hp, 295 lb*ft of torque, and a stiffer suspension. The ESC also has a taller final drive (3.11:1) than does the ETC (3.71:1). You'll get better fuel economy in the ESC. Acceleration is generally pretty close on average, but the nod should go to the ETC.

In addition, the ETC has items like woodgrain around the shifter where the ESC should have black matte plastic. Both interiors have woodgrain on the dashboard itself. Both also include fog lights I believe, and neither have a stick-up hood ornament. Those particular details may have changed through the years, but the biggest difference (and it's still only slight) is in the drivetrain and suspension.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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