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EBC Green Stuff Brake Pads


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I installed EBC Green Stuff brake pads on front and rear and must say they are better than OEM. So far, bite is excellent and I'm using less effort to stop. I just put them on today, so I'll wait another week before I give an update. If they continue to be as good as they are now I don't see any reason to buy anything else. The big test as far as I'm concerned is whether they produce less dust, which is one of the selling points.

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I hope you made the right choice. They sound good on the video for sure. Oddly, the warranty went from 12 mo./10,000 miles to 6 mo./5000 miles in two clicks of the website. I've been very happy with my OEM pads once they were replaced under warranty for causing front end shake. Also very little dust, like none.

I do like the powder coat idea, since I had a rear pad on my 1998 Grand Cherokee fall off of the backing plate after driving in winter salt spray!

Never underestimate the amount of a persons greed.

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Well, braking is real good with EBC, but I must admit that they are dusting quite a bit. I also must say that out of all the brakes I have used, ACDelco ceramic pads have been the best as far as the least amount of dusting. Also, the ACDelco pads have good bite as well. I'll continue to run with EBC, but if dusting continues to be where it is now, next time I'll go back to ACDelco.

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