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MotorTrend: Sketching out the Upcoming Cadillac LTS

Bruce Nunnally

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As beautiful as it may be, the Cadillac Elmiraj is just a concept. And although it will be a few years before we get our first glimpse at a production-spec rear-drive Cadillac flagship sedan, today we can share two special renderings of what the car may look like.

Though these images depict one possible design of the full-size Cadillac four-door, you can bet that the showroom-ready model will have similar proportions and a grille with a big, wreath-less badge, just like the rendering above. Framing the five-point front grille and its big Cadillac badge are LED headlights with LED light pipes stretching up the side of the car. As we’ve seen with new Cadillacs, the LED light accents appear in the headlights and in the lower front fascia, as well.


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Smoke/mirrors/conjecture/speculation; I don't see the point of the article. Looks nice, could be a resemblance, but it is just an exercise unless someone in GM leaked some sketches (now that would be a story).


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The photo showing the interior through the drivers' door does show the back seat lower cushion close to, and shadowed by, the drivers' seat back. It seems that the rear seat legroom is minimal, like that in the 1992-2002 Eldorado, but the don't touch as I see the picture; that would be ludicrous, even for a mock-up, much less a concept car in a photo-op.

Major innovation for a big sedan: Both front and rear have *real* bucket seats, which would make this a true 2+2, something that is very different from a Deville. I'm thinking that a replacement for the Deville would have more head room and leg room in the rear, and a bench seat at least in the rear.

For safety, comfort, and long-range driving, bucket seats of some time in the front seem like a good idea. Has anyone explored a bench-like front seat, where the seat bottom has adjustable similar to that of the lumbar support, where the seat could go from flat to some good thigh support - and likewise the seat back? This could be a very attractive feature, particularly for the passenger seat, which could be adjusted for different size passengers, and flat for a baby carrier, child seat, or pet holder, while not having a console gap that interferes with child/pet accessibility. Couple this with a really good air bad on/off control system like I already see in my 2011 CTS-V for a true Cadillac offering for people who have been buying Devilles and Escalades.

Wait... did I say Escalades? Is that where we are going to send our Deville customer base? The future for a true Deville follow-up as a sedan remains murky for me.

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As soon as I posted I realized there are 2 different cars in motor trend link. A 2 door concept car and the 4 door sedan. The interior pic shows the 2dr model and I do not think there are any pics of sedan interior.

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