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2008 Escalade Ext - Came with plain jane indash 6 disk changer / AM FM Radio

- Installed Pioneer NAV head unit with GMOS adapter.

- Sometimes the headunit powers up, plays the source, but there is no audio. Cycling the key generally resolves the issue.

Measuring 13.1 VDC on the remote lead wire; However, read else where that the BOSE LUX amp requirs no "Turn On" signal - Not 100% sure on that or not. ANyone else have troubles integrating to the lovely BOSE sound systems with after market head units?

Also have a 2000 Escalade with 0 issues integrating. I realize that technology has come A LONG WAYS and that is not quite an apples to apples comparison.

THoughts? Ideas?

Scrap the BOSE and go 100% aftermarket??


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