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Here I go, My car has been running bad lately and I have been getting codes like the crankshaft and camshaft sensors. Replace them. still no fix. And many other codes that I have done the things to fix and the car still runs bad. I have been getting the trac disabled on the display. Now I was driving the car while it was running bad and the transmission started acting up. Slipping in and out of gear and not shifting smooth. Come back home which was like a 3 mile drive with tranny acting up. After some diagnosing I have a very small stream with bareley any pressure coming out of the tranny line where it runs into the radiator for the cooler. Now that is something else that is wrong in about a day, The next morning I check the codes and I have p029, which is for the shift solenoids. I did not get this code or any transmission codes while the tranny was acting up or when I was driving home.

So I thought maybe a clogged filter or something, dropped the pan and drained all the fluid, filters were a little dirty but not bad. Put all back together with fresh fluid and still no pressure. the transmission only has 70000 miles on it and how would 2 things go bad all the sudden. I was wondering how the transsmisson pump works, is it electric or what. I am now led to the point that a computer is going bad. Its like i get a code for something new everyday. I got a code today by just turning the key on for the egr valve. THe egr valve isnt even a year old how can it be bad.

I am wanting to just take the car to someone or something but what am I gonna say or tell them to do. THis car is driving me nuts and I want it fixed but I am really stumped on what to do. Thank You, Jason

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At risk of sounding simplistic - have your battery checked and if it is questionable replace it. Sounds like it's on its way out -


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