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First, let me say thx guys for the help thus far (windows and serpentine), next up, vent fan blower.

Here's what is going on: The fan will stay on even if the car is shut off. When we bought the car, it was pouring rain and windows were fogging up. At that time, the windows wouldn't roll down so that wasn't an option. Hubby got under the hood and something was unplugged at the firewall (bare with my terminology, lol). He plugged it in and had air coming through the vents, however, shut the car off and air still blows through the vents :P What do we look for and how do we replace it?

Next issue is I believe a vacuum line is off under the dash as hot air blows when car is on. We had this happen in a minivan once. Any idea where the general area of the vacuum hose is located?

thx. Carol

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On that era of Cadillac..a common failure is the blower control module. The failure mode is the blower fan will continue to run after the car is turned off. Sounds like that is what has been unplugged.

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