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Timing Chain repair / replacement on 05 CTS 3.6L problems

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I have an 05 CTS with the 3.6. The engine started to chatter, and i the dealer suggested replacing the timing chaing before it broke causing more problems (bent valves and such). I researched this issue and I decided that it was worth replacing the timing chain. I did not have the experience or time or desire to do it, so i brought it back to the dealer. The dealer then called a few days later and said there was bad news, and that some pipe that was rusty broke while they were moving it. Unfortunately the service advisor didn't seem to know enough to explain it in detail, but he said the part runs from the front of the car all the way to the back. He said that in order to access the timing chain they had to move this pipe off to the side. He said "coolant pipe" at one point. So i dont know what part they are talking about but he quoted me $85 for the part, and 4 hrs of labor. Before i return to the dealer, and before i pay, i would like to hear opinions on what this part is, and if they should be moving / bending it to work on the timing chain. My thought is that maybe they took a shortcut and ended up breaking something they would not have if the job was done properly? Maybe this is just a bad stroke of luck, and its not their fault. Let me know what you think. Sorry if this is too vague. Any comments are appreciated.

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The only PIPE I can think of that runs all the way from the front to the back of the car is the exhaust pipe...

I can not think of ANY REASON they would have had to take the exhaust pipe loose or get it out of the way, unless they are pulling the engine to replace the timing chain.

If it were "MY" car.. I would have been at the dealer shortly after they called me to "LOOK" at what was broke... and then proceed from there.

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The exhaust is stainless so it would not be 'rusty', nor would it cost $85 I am not clear on their claim -- if they broke something in the process of repairing the car I don't think you should bear the cost.

Certainly not the labor cost.


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