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The GPS is part of the radio. Unless they just leave out the connectors and the GPS chip is in all of them, it would take a new radio. The "shark fin" GPS antenna above the rear window might need to be added, too, along with a coax between it and the radio. The GPS audio integrates with the radio audio, and there is significant software to support the GPS functions in the radio. The instrument panel has "Nav" and "Destination" buttons that activate specific display modes on the radio/nav system that may not be on your dash.

Once you have the dash buttons, GPS antenna, and GPS/audio integration wires from the radio to the audio amp added, you then need to address the software.

All the major modules on the system network are encoded with the vehicle's VIN, partly to ensure that the options match up and partly as a theft control measure. Someone with a Tech II will have to program the radio for your car, and program the car's other modules to expect and work with the added option. Then, you can get an update DVD from GM and install the radio/GPS software and current GPS database.

You might find it simpler to have a really competent car stereo shop with trained techs and warranties and such install an aftermarket GPS/radio.

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