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I would appreciate your recommendations for cleaning products for cleaning the interior of my CTS. What do you recommend for the leather seats, dash board.....

I'm concern about using products that could lead to cracks on the dash board. Soap and water? What about something like Armor All (good or bad)?

I like Meguiar's for tires.


Thank you.

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I don't personally care for Armor All on the vinyl dash and generally use something like Endust for normal cleaning. For heavy soil ( footprints?) mild soap and water is best. The biggest enemy of a vinyl dash is HEAT and HOT SUN, so anything you can do the keep the dash cool will prolong its life. A garage works best, shade is good, and when lacking either use one of those reflective shields behind the windshield.

For leather seats I am partial to Lexol products. I prefer the liquid for everything, both cleaning and preserving. Once again for cleaning heavy soil, mild soap and water (maybe Murphys Oil Soap) followed by Lexol liquid. I have seen the Lexol stuff work wonders on old dried leather, so I'm a fan. I've tried some of the other products like MeGuire's and was just not impressed.

Besides, I have a 30 year old Rawlings first baseman's mitt that is as soft as the day it was made. Never used anything but Lexol on it.

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I wouldn't use Armor All on anything that I expected to last for a long time because it dries out plastic and rubber. I would just use mild soap and water on the vinyl dash. Use Armor All for the tires because they are replaced every four years or so anyway. Always clean leather with products specifically designed for use on upholstery or furniture quality leather, like a good brand of saddle soap.

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Which one do you use:

Truthfully, these examples looked a bit gimmicky to me, like they are trying to appeal to the mass market. They MAY or may not be the original formula. I saw these at Walmart the other day and passed on them. I am due for a new bottle in the near future. I purchased mine from my local shoe/leather store, it's just a bottle of liquid, about 4 ounces. This is more than enough product to last for several years.

Not saying you can't or shouldn't try these, just saying that they are not the same packaging that I currently use and that I have no direct experience with them.

Go to your nearest leather store and inquire there.

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I have a post from several years ago where I mentioned using a melted bar of dove soap (done by letting it sit in a bowl of water overnight). and using non-scented pledge on the leather seats. My seats look brand new (including the drivers). the interior I always use a general spray glass cleaner, but for the dash, use a 2 or 3 inch paint brush to clean all the entire dash area. spray, then work it in with the brush, then wipe with a white towel, then swipe the brush thru the towel to dry & repeat. on stubborn scuffs, use goo-gone. never use armoror all is right. there is a section on cleaning a caddy on this site where you'll find everything you want to know.

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