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2000 STS Driver's door buttons dead...

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Hello all,

I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue with my 2000 Seville STS. I've got 30000 miles (yes 30K).

Last week I lost all functionality of all controls in the driver's side door. No windows, no mirrors, no power locks, although the lock works with the fob. Upon researching the issue here, I ordered a used driver door switch assembly off of Ebay. Replaced that, and no luck. Then I ordered a used DDM, replaced that and no luck. Now I'm looking for some advice. Here's what I can tell you...:

The lights in the driver's door switches light up when plugged in....so there's power to the switches...and ground
Checked DDM and window fuses..all appear ok.

All other windows work from their respective doors.
Rear passenger unlock buttons don't work....lock works, but not unlock. Maybe a programmed feature so kids don't bail out the back?

I haven't unhooked the battery and touched battery cables yet, as some have suggested.

Possibly I got a non-functioning replacement switch assembly, as it did have crud all over it as if it had a spill in the past. I cleaned it all up (circuit board too) and still no luck.

Current Codes:
DTC C0577 Left Front Solenoid Circuit Low - Front left strut, yeah, I know....it's been like this for 6 months and still trying to figure out if I'm going to replace it...or just deal with the 90 MPH speed limit I now have..

DTC P0135 HO2S Heater Performance Bank 1 Sensor 1 - Just came up last week....I've already got the new 02 Sensor, just haven't had the time to replace it yet..

DTC U1170 Loss of Driver Door Switch SBI -

History codes in case it matters:
Dim U1016
IPC U1160
IRC U1000
IRC U1160
RIM U1160
TTM U1016
TTM U1160
MSM U1160

Any help or direction would be appreciated.



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If you monitor the voltage to the driver's window motor when you activate the switch, is there any voltage at the motor terminals? If not, that would point to the switch assembly. If there is voltage at the motor terminals, unplug the window motor and connect it to the battery, does the motor operate?

Someone with a 2000 shop manual should be able to post the wiring diagram. That is what is needed to troubleshoot the problem without throwing parts at it.

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