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Movment in rocker arms / rocker arm support / rocker arm retainer

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I have a metallic ticking sound in my Engine, 472 -69.

Hade the valve cover removed today just to take a look att the rocker arms etc.

Most of them ar very firm, but some are loose, and a couple of them are very loose, every direction I move them.

Of cause I understand that the cam position is to take under consideration, but some of the rocker just don't feel right.

Is it just to remove the entirely rocker bridge, and check them out on a working bench?

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It soulds like the car is badly in need of a valve adjustments. Hydraulic lifter engines that have that much variation on valve adjustment often would benefit from a new cam, lifters, pushrods, rocker arms, and possibly fulcrums; this is a common problem with big-block engines that have a lot of miles but not so many oil changes. You can try adjusting the valve clearances and see if that does the trick for you.

I'm not familiar with the design of the big-block Cadillac head. There are three rocker arm designs that were in common use in the 1960's, a shaft running the length of the head as the fulcrum of all the rocker arms on that head (most Chrysler products), aircraft nut on ball and stud (most GM products), and individual or pairs of rocker arms with fulcrums on one pedestal. Your question is about an "entire rocker bridge" which sounds like a shaft running the length of the head and going through the fulcrum of all the rocker arms. I would try adjusting the valves and if that doesn't firm up all the rocker arms, I would start with replacing the valve train, starting with the rocker arms and fulcrums, and the pushrods. However, if the fulcrums are worn and you have a valve lifter tick, the valve lifters are probably ready for replacement too.

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