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How to replace entire dashboard ( Seville I )

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Hi friends

I am looking for informations and instructions about replacing the entire dash board on one of my Sevilles (1978). the dash board has cracks and it is broken soI found a good, used one and would like to replace it.

I removed a lot of screws from the side and bottom, but the thing doesn't move at all, so I am looking for help or instructions how to get it out. found nothing, neither in the Haynes nor Chiltons that really helped me.

Is there anybody who did this already or does anybody know links from websites and documents with deeper instructions?

thank U all


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That's before my time...

That era of Seville was kinda based on the Chevrolet Nova. So the mounting holes for the dash etc may be similar.


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Hello and thank you for the reply.

I have a 75 Nova and a Ventura here, but those dashboards are much more narrow and smaller and they can be removed much easier, there I had just to remove all front screws, some screws in the side and the screws in the air slits on top. are there any more advices?


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I bet there are screws behind the air conditioning grills. You need to remove them by using a small flat bladed tool such as a machinist's scale on each side to release the retaining tabs. Once the grills are out - the screws should be visible.

Can you see any fastener points on the used dash you bought?

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