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I have code DTC C1216 Brake Control Relay Coil Circuit Open

What is wrong?

When i braking is shake steering wheel even drive 10mph and stop slowly I feel brake work like ABS.Or like rotors are bend.

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You didn't say whether your car is a Deville, Seville (STS or SLS) or Eldorado (ESC or ETC), or perhaps Catera or Escalade, and the model is absent from your profile, but I'll assume Deville to get started.

Thank you for running the codes and posting the results. That is always a big help. Most new people need to be prompted to run the codes.

C1216 ABS Inlet Valve Coil RF Circuit Short To Battery

That code isn't in my 2002 factory shop manual, probably because it is self-explanatory. The ABS Inlet Valve (there are four, one per wheel) is inside the EBTCM solenoid/valve/pump assembly, which the EBTCM is bolted to. The pump body is where all the brake lines go, from the master cylinder and from each of the wheels, and it is on the left front, below the air inlet assembly, behind the radiator. The coils are in a separate cover that is part of the EBTCM, not the valve/pump body.

The code means that there is an electrical problem with one of the solenoids. Hopefully it is in a connector or the wiring harness and not in the pump body itself because the EBTCM is expensive, but it rarely gives any problems unless it is damaged in an accident.

It's hard to believe that this is the only OBD code. Could you please post all the codes?

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....I have code DTC C1216 Brake Control Relay Coil Circuit Open.

I suspect a typo in the code number.

Perhaps you mean C1214?


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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