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Three Medieval Knight in Combat

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There was a tournament, and the three most skilled knights were summoned to the king's castle to compete.

The consensus was that the knights were perfectly matched in skill, so the betting and the speculation centered on the skill of the squires attending to the knights.

The evening before the tournament, the first two squires were seen making all the expected preparations.

They polished the armor, they cared for the horse, and they checked and rechecked all the equipment.

They worked into the early hours of the morning, with no regard for their own well-being.

The third squire, however, was another story. He hung a noose from a tree near the campsite.

Then he left and came back with a big load of firewood and a heavy pot full of vegetables.

He suspended the pot over the wood and started cooking up a delicious stew.

He served the knight, of course, but he ate most of the soup himself, then slept contentedly while the other two squires remained hard at work.

Early the next morning, when the other two had finished their work and the sun was about to rise, he awoke fresh and energized.

He polished armor, cleaned leather, freshened up the horse, and reheated some of the stew for the knight.

The observers were intrigued! This was very unusual.

But as the tournament began, it became clear that these unorthodox preparations had some merit.

The third knight was easily besting each of his rivals!

There came a point in the contest where all three knights were engaged in melee combat on foot.

The third knight, using the very last of his strength, was able to hold off the other two at the same time, as they attacked weakly.

Finally all three collapsed in a heap, completely spent.

He was declared victor, and the crowd knew that it was due to the skill of his innovative squire.

From then on, everyone said that the squire of the high pot and noose was equal to the sum of the squires of the other two sides.

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