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I dropped my pan on my transmission today and without draining the torque converter area I only got out about 3.5 quarts of tranny fluid. I thought about 6 or so where supposed to come out of the transmission without draining the other chamber. If there is supposed to be about 6 in there how come I only got about 3 out of it. The filters are a little dirty, I cleaned them off and they were in good shape. My main problem was that the tranny was not pumping fluid to the radiator for the tranny cooler. Would that cause the tranny to slip if the fluid is not get circilated through the radidator and back through the out line which leads to the other end of the tranny. This would starve the transmission of fluid and cause slipping correct.

Before draining fluid dipstick was reading full with car running and motor hot. I going ot put fresh fluid in tommorrow and see what happens then. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. 70000 miles on trans. Is the pump that pumps the fluid electric or something else or how does it work.

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