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How to clean AC Evaporator

Ed Hall

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My electric climate control fan would only run for about 30 minutes and would start running slower and slower and making a rattling noise so I pulled it apart and oiled the bearings. It runs a lot better now although when I had the fan assembly out, I noticed that the AC evaporator looked really clogged up with dust and lint. The car is now 17 years old, has 200K miles and probably has never been cleaned. How do I clean it? Maybe I have to make a special attachment for the vacuum cleaner.

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I am not sure about your model but look on the air box (on the fire wall). See if there is an outline that says cut here for service. I think that will give you access for a tooth brush and light water rinse or shop vac. Then you patch it with the same peice and duct tape or a flattened beer can and duct tape. Some flat black paint will help camoflage it. On your model you might also gain access by removing the control module if it is located there. Ther was some discussion about this a long time ago (old board I think).

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Use an old toothbrush and a vacuum cleaner to remove the crud. If it is oily/greasy, you could use some simple green to scrub it and rinse it out carefully.

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