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94 Deville Cruise Control doesn't work

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its got a 4.9l. I am fairly experienced on the Devilles, I have 3 of them. I put the head stud kit in my 97 and so far its holding and that was 11 months ago. Anyway the Cruise Control on the 94 says it engaged on the digital cluster when I'm going faster than 20mph, if I bump the accelerate switch on the wiper control arm nothing happens, if tap the brake pedal the cruise engage msg goes away. cable linkage on the cruise module looks fine, I bumped the cable tighter one notch and no change, There are no current codes on ones in history. Parking brake works fine, I don't hear any vacuum leaks. I looked at the bottom switch on the brake pedal and it is loose on one side as in I can turn it a little bit, but it looks ok and the little popper end on the brake pedal arm still pops out when I push the pedal in. Fuse isn't blown.

I don't get an apply brake pedal message when I go to shift from park to drive. I can't remember if this car gave that msg or I am thinking of my 97's?

We have 900 mile drive tomorrow, so I would like to rectify this issue. Thanks.

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Can anybody think of a temporary fix? My current day job is an electrician. I used to work on everything electrical on Helicopters in the military. Are there any wires I can bypass or splice to get the cruise module next to the throttle body to work?

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The "Depress Brake to Shift from Park" message can be disabled through the car's computer. I got rid of mine on my old 1997 years ago (I sold it a few months ago when I got my CTS-V).

I have a 1997 FSM and will go out on a limb and tell you what I can because, well, you needed to know *yesterday*.

The first think you need to do is to run your OBD codes. There are a lot of OBD I codes concerning the cruise control. There are also a lot of codes that, if set, will tell us what may be causing the problem.

The cruse control on the 1997 is electronic except for operation of the servo on the throttle cable. From what you are saying, the 1994 model year may have had an analog vacuum-operated cruise control system with a module interfacing to the PCM. I'll assume that only general comments apply to both your car and the 1997 model year. I have a factory shop manual for the 1997 model year but don't have manuals or experience with the 1994 model year.

The main thing wrong with yours is that it seems to engage at 20 mph. My FSM says that the car must be going 40 mph to engage the cruise control, so that link on yours isn't working. If the speedometer isn't working, the cruise control can't work right. An OBD code on the vehicle speed sensor or speedometer would be an important think to know about.

The other thing is that the cruise control seems to engage without being told to by the Set or Resume commands. I don't understand this at all.

Sometimes modules can get into funny states due to static, shorts, low battery voltage on starting, or unplanned inputs. You can reset all the modules by disconnecting the ground terminal of your battery for about 5 minutes, then reconnecting it.

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