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Question about my ATS, Premium


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I have a question about my ATS, 2LT, AWD and I can't get a definitive answer from

the dealer (I don't think they know.)

I was led to believe that the Magnet Ride Contol is standard on my ATS. However,

in the ATS Brochure, under Suspension, it says "Performance with Gen 3

Magnetic Ride Control is Standard (and available) only on the Premium trim,

which would seem to answer the question except that, in parenthesis, it

adds (RWD). Does this mean that because my car is AWD I do not have

the Magnetic Ride Control???? Why wouldn't it be available on AWD?

I can't even find mention of Magnetic Ride Control in the Manual, nor have I

heard much about it in their advertising lately. According to the brochure,

it isn't even available on anything but the premium.

If you guys can't help, I'm going to call the factory


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The FE3 suspension gets the MR shocks. Can you check the option list on the underside of the trunk floor to see if you have FE2 or FE3? I would be unsurprised to hear that AWD only can have FE2.

The spec sheets lists turning circle by setup and only lists FE2 for AWD ATS

FE2 RWD: 36.38 / 11.09
FE3 RWD: 35.99 / 10.97
FE2 AWD: 38.05 / 11.60


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The answer to your question about your suspension lies in the RPO information for your car. I have no idea where your RPO decal is located; maybe the dealer knows at least that much?

The RPO code for magnetic ride control is (or was) F55.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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Boy! They put that in a handy place! I don't know how any mechanic will be able to read it. I had to crawl

into the trunk on my hands and knees with a flashlight and a magnifying glass and I have 20/20

vision. No problem you say? Wait until you're 85 and then report back to me!

No question that I have FE2 suspension. I didn't get Jim's second reply until after I'd been in the

trunk once and I'm not about to do that twice in one day. I'm disappointed to find I don't

have the Magnetic Ride Control. I think I could use it with those lo-low profile tires. Ride isn't

bad over just rough pavement; but after 5 years of recession and a crazy Winter, we have

tar lines as big as curbs and they're not too pleasant. Not sure that the Magnetic Ride couild

have reacted fast enough to dampen those.

I like my dealer whom I've had for almost 20 years but there's a lot they don't know; and the

salesmen, well fuhgetaboudit! I think all Caddy salesmen should be required to drive a

Cadillac. Also, I think Caddy could be a little more forthcoming about the MRC. I wouldn't think

of having RWD in Michigan Winters. In fact, when I bought my last car, the dealer had

taken back a CTS-V with very few miles on it because the purchaser couldn't go anywhere

with it. They'd have made me a helluva deal; but only if I was spending the Winter in

a warmer clime.

Thanks for the help.

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One more question. Is there any reason it couldn't be used on the AWD?

Strange I can't find a word about MRC in the manual.

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My first thought was swapping to conventional shocks from the MR reduces the cost delta and weight needed for the ATS AWD. Weight is paramount on the ATS.

The rear suspension is tightly packaged on ATS also, so there may be an issue there.

My impression is that both the RWD and AWD XTS have MR, but not perfectly sure. on the XTS AWD adds 209 lbs. For the ATS, AWD adds 140 lbs to 2L Turbo and 168 lbs to 3.6L.

The XTS spec only shows one suspension:

Suspension (front):

High performance coil-over strut, hollow direct-acting stabilizer bar, Magnetic Ride Control suspension

Suspension (rear):

Linked “H”-arm with air springs and Magnetic Ride Control


2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

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