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Hello. I have always been an Eldorado lover, in fact I have 2-2000 ETC's. I'm not a man of change but I would really like to try out the navigation systems available in STS's. I have the chance to buy an 01 STS Blk/Blk It has the navigation option plus pretty much everything else. The 01 brochures I have don't list navigation as an option until 02. Is this correct. The main question I have is the radio part. With navigation do you still have a 425 watt stereo system and is the RDS also available. Any comments on this option in generally would be appreciated. Thanks

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A CD-ROM based navigation system was optional in 2001 on the DTS, DHS, SLS, and STS. Here are the summary info pages for the 2001, still available:


Usually Nav is only avail with the Bose top of the line system which that year did have RDS -- Bose® AM Stereo/FM Stereo, Cassette Tape, Single Slot CD, Weather Band, Digital Signal Processing, Radio Data System, Theftlock™ and was standard on the DHS, DTS, and STS and optional on the SLS.


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I have the 01 STS with the NAV system. It works pretty good though it is difficult to see with polarized glasses. Depending on where the vehicle was sold and where it will be garaged you may need to get the correct CD for your region of then country. It has really helped me out when I'm in a city I'm unfamiliar with.

As far as the radio sysyem I don't have the single CD system or a slot for cassette tapes.

Hope this helps!


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A unit like the Garmin 2610 its fantastic.

More information and detail then manufactures of the cars,

and they run for around $600 - $1200.

A much better buy then adding the option at a dealership.

my .02

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I agree with Cupillac. I have a Garmin Street Pilot III GPS and I could not be happier. I can position it on the dash near my field of vision so I don't have to look down at it, and I can move it from car to car. I could also do a permanent installation if I was so inclined. A color map with downloadable street detail and voice prompts really helps when I'm "touring". The updates are a bit pricey @ 150.00, but I usually only do so every 2 years.

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My folks are full-time RVers and they have a Garmin Street Pilot I think. It's very nice...and runs off a compact-flash card. Dad bought a 2-Gb card and he's got the maps for the ENTIRE North America on there...no messing around with different CDs for different regions, etc. Garmin is the only way to go.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

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