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my 2005 cadillac deville smells like burning oil only after its been running for 15minutes or so and the northstar engine is hot, i dont see any obvious oil leaks in the driveway.

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My relevant experience is with a 1997 Eldorado which is considerably different, but I do have some ideas. If it smells like hot oil and isn't dripping when it isn't running, its probably oil seeping onto the exhaust manifold or elsewhere on the exhaust system between the engine and the catalytic converter.

I once had a tech spill some oil when he was doing an oil change. The next couple of times I drove it I could smell hot oil but it went away pretty quickly. I'll assume that this isn't your problem and that the hot oil smell is persistent.

I would start with the cam covers. Try wiping the edges of the cam covers above the spark plugs. You may have to be a bit of a contortionist to do this on the back head but that may be where the leak is. If you find that area damp with oil, check the screws on the cam cover. Torque is 10 N-m or 89 lb-in (7.4 lb-ft) on the 1997, your 2006 may be different but be advised that it isn't much.

If you come up dry, pun intended, come back here. By the time you do get back there will be suggestions here from people with more direct experience with the 2005 Deville than I.

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