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I recently purchased a 2003 Cadillac Seville STS with 80k miles. Before purchasing it had a GM master mechanic with over 20 years experience do a complete inspection of the car.

Does anybody have experience with or can you recommend a third party / after market warranty?

I have found several but am not sure which would be the best with the least loop holes.

Any recommendations or avoidances?

I live in Kentucky if that matters for the warranty.



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I like the idea of self-funding a used car warranty. Open an account for $1,500. Each month, add $200-300 depending on vehicle condition. When repairs are needed, withdraw funds. When repairs are not needed, continue to build funds for future repair or replacement.


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A warranty is an insurance policy. You get charged for it, either as part of the price of a new/used car or as a separate item. The probabilities are worked into the price or premiums so that the company makes a profit on the large number of policies, but not necessarily on each one. You can pocket the profit yourself by using a car maintenance and repair fund like Bruce suggests.

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