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A/C fan won't shut off

Ed Fenwick

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I have a '92 Seville, 80K miles. The car is in nice condition. Today the A/C fan would not shut off! I could not find the fuse to it so I disconected the battery to stop it. With the car running, the fan has only 1 speed but the temperature controll works ok. Is this probably the switch (expensive) or another problem that only you guys know?

Thanks for any help, God bless Ed

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Yes it is the ECC power module. It is in the top of the ductwork, You only see the top of it. It is rectangular shaped and has 2 plugs coming out of it and it attaches with 3 screws if I remember. Mine was under the Maxi-fuse panel which had to be removed in order to get to it. That was a pain but after that it just unplugs, unscrews, and pulls right out. Some people have claimed to have cleaned the plugs off and it starts working, but if you go to all the trouble removing the Maxi-fuse panel just replace it. Mine was around $100.00 for my 92 Deville. Good Luck.

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