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Blog: Cadillac Tuning for Results – Shift RPM

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Cadillac Tuning for Results – Shift RPM

Posted on May 5, 2013by bwnunnally

Engineers spent many hours & iterations to optimize the tune in your Cadillac. But once you make some changes to the configuration and performance of the Cadillac, where is the best tune now?


I continue to enjoy Cartest2000 as an analysis tool. This what-if analysis shows a comparison between a modified STS-V with 500 hp using a 6400 rpm redline (shiftpoints, which since the program assumes the automatic shifts at redline become the effective redline) and one shifting at 6800 rpm. The LC3 engine in the STS-V has an actual redline at 6800 rpm, so we are well within the design operating range of the engine. Waiting to shift at 6800 rpm gives a 0.11 advantage in 0-60 time, and a 0.15 advantage in the quartermile.

Read More: http://caddyinfo.com/wordpress/tuning-for-results-shift-rpm/


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