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ATS Premium Collection, I did it!


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I had some reservations about the size and the exterior styling; but the lease was up

on my 2011 CTS Premium Coupe so I now have a black ATS Premium Collection with

the dark red upholstery with black trim and the carbon fiber appointments that is

sort of a checked design in black, gray and dark red. Oh yes, did I mention it's the

2 Liter Turbo? After driving the 3.6 Liter Six for 6 years, I wondered if I would be disappointed

in the power. I'M NOT! This tough 4 can rip your head off from a dead start or

from a cruising speed of 50! The turning response is unbelievable. Yesterday

I was surprised by a pot hole that was kind of concealed. I turned the wheel sharply

and just couldn't believe the response. The third edition of the Magnetic Ride Control

(Standard on the Premium) is all it's cracked up to be, providing a firm but comfortable ride, even with the very low profile run flat tires.

I've only had it 6 days so it's hard to tell; but I believe it has all the options except

the Driver Assist Package. It's a $3200 option and besides, I'm too old to have

someone else putting on the brakes for me (though maybe at my age, I really need

it.) It does have the warning vibrations when approaching something too closely, front or rear, and also the lane departure signal which vibrates either on the left or the right side of the seat.

The fit and finish are perfect and the dark red leather is really rich looking as is

the carbon fiber. The seats are adaptive and super comfortable with good support

from the bolsters which seem to wrap around when the lumbar is adjusted.

Here are some small things I really like:

1. I'm already addicted to the heads up display. You can choose what you want

displayed up there in addition to the speed. I've chosen the speed limit. I don't know how it knows, but it changes immediately when I pass a speed sign. You can

also adjust it up or down to your preference.

2. I've had a lot of trouble with the steel rails in the car wash gouging up the aluminum

rims with the low profile tires. Michelin has taken care of this by putting a heavy bead

around the edge of the tire where it joins the rim that sticks out about a half inch further than the rim. I'm really happy with this.

I have some reservations about the CUE system. For my age (85) I'm a bit of a

teckie and I have spent hours trying to teach certain people to send an e-mail

(sometimes without success) and it's my belief that these people will drive around

for years with Willie's Roadhouse playing on the radio and the temperature set

at 75 both Winter and Summer because they have no idea how to change them. Like

most technical things (phones for instance) they try to make them do too many

things, just because they can, and it really adds to the confusion. It has taken me

six days but I think I have it down so I can do about everything; but it isn't easy.

To help the purchaser out, they give you a fully-functioning iPad which has CUE

videos and interactive tutorials so you can study CUE from your easy chair instead

of living in the car for a few days (not that that would be bad duty.) The iPad stays

with the first owner when the car is traded.

All the LED lights are sharp as are the lighted door handles; but they're just frosting.

Cadillac seems to have thought of everything. It's easily the best driving car I've

ever owned and I've owned 3 STS's and 3 CTS's, all top of the line.

Any Questions? More later,

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