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My dad and I are huge fans of Cadillacs and Evel Knievel. In the 60s and 70s when Knievel would tour he would show up in the stadiums in his Cadillac Caribou or Mirage with two bikes in the back. I've got a Knievel jump bike so we had to have the Caribou for shows. The Caribou is what I own and had only three windows. The Mirage was another type of cadillac pickup that had a small opera window on the side panels. Long story short, we have been looking for a Caribou ( I like the design better) for years and finally found one in California. We bought it sight unseen and got it here, in Chicago. It was absolute junk, the bed and roof are all one piece of fiberglass. The rest of the car is a completely stock Coupe DeVille. They even left the bottom half of the back seat in under the bed. Ours was in such poor disrepair that we bought another coupe deville, made the cuts that would have been made when caribou did it, extracted the fiberglass bed from the junk cadillac and made it our own. At the two links below you can see the entire process.

A little history on Caribou Coach Builders -

Coach builder in the 50s-70s
Took Coupes and made them into station wagons, pick ups, lengthened the hood, lots of weird conversions that never really took off
Gene Winfield, a good friend of mine and famous metal fabricator, ran the shop and built most of the Caribous by hand
Only five are known to have been built in 1973. I've done tons of research and can only find three (including mine)
They were marketed to "the man who already has everything"

There are tons of blogs. Its a neat little thing.

Thanks for the interest. Also feel free to take a look around at all our cars. Im 19 and my fathers 48, we just love Cadillacs. We build and restore them strictly as a hobby and own around 15 of them. Our latest project is a 1955 Cadillac Convertible rest-mod with a fuel injected 2010 GM LS-2 engine, 4L60E Trans, Air/Heat, and all power options.



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Welcome & thanks for posting. Before anyone hits the "hey, no pics!" smilie, hit the bottom links which take you to a slide show of images about the cars.

Here's the idea from the Hemmings story Matt linked:



2016 Cadillac ATS-V gray/black; 2013 Cadillac ATS 2L Turbo Premium (Wife's)

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We have a 72 Caribou, third owner, owned since 1991. We are now interested in selling the vehicle. Is there a site that specializes in these rare cars? From what I have found, there were approx. 300 of these made by the Caribou Motor Company in Grover City, CA. Looks like you have a nice vehicle there. Enjoy.

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