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I saw the C7 for the first time and it was great! I am still iffy about the tail lights, but in person they are so much better than in the pics. The hard top coupe with the carbon fiber top that was in the trunk was a z51 Vette. The convertible was also a z51 vette I tried to cover the whole car and "Lady Stingray" did a good job with the verbal overview. Any questions feel free to comment below! She said that the car will be in the mid $50,000 range and it will be out in August!!! Im excited! I also asked her if I could sit in in, and she said NO :(




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Very nice car, very good video (IMO); been a Corvette fan for 'forever'. Had a used '84 (liked it a lot); wouldn't mind one of the new ones either. Even though a performance bargain, still out of my league (cost wise); but heck, you never know (but will for sure admire the ones I see on the street).


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The good used ones keep their value pretty well, and the best ones appreciate over time once they are ten years old or more. If you find a bargain, it will likely be one of the lame ones from the period when GM basically made them two-seater Camaros (1970's and 1980's).

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