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Is your Cadillac more fun than you know?

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Is Your Cadillac More Fun than You Know?

Jim was on the way home to New Jersey and mentioned that he had not learned yet how to pair his phone via Bluetooth to his Cadillac. I researched this topic and sent him a video showing how, a text summary, and a pdf of the owner’s manual. He was able to get his phone setup at the next stop; the CTS-V uses voice recognition to walk the Driver through the process.

We both learned something from this — about how cool his new Cadillac was, and about features I also have in my Cadillac that I simply don’t use or appreciate.

Read more: http://caddyinfo.com/wordpress/is-your-cadillac-more-fun-than-you-know/


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The Bluetooth pairing is more than a convenience. It means that I can answer my cell phone when I am driving. Also, I now have a hands-free car phone, and my default phone for making these calls is my cell phone. I keep a car charger for it in my console, plugged in and ready to go; for a road trip like driving home from Texas, I just plug it in and leave it in the console, safely out of sight. If the cell phone isn't linked for any reason, the car uses its own phone number, e.g. the built-in cell phone that is part of OnStar, to make calls. That phone also is used to contact and receive calls from OnStar and could receive calls, but I don't give out that number because OnStar minimizes costs of that phone by using pre-paid minutes, because I can only be reached at that number while I am driving, and because OnStar can't contact the mother planet while that line is busy.

The pairing process is dumbfoundingly simple. You press the Voice Command button on the steering wheel (of the CTS-V, it may be elsewhere on other Cadillacs), say "Bluetooth," then say "Pair." At that point you tell your cell phone to search, select the car, and enter the four-digit number that appears on your Cadillac display, say the name of the phone that will identify it to you when you make calls from the car, and you're done. You can pair up to five phones to the CTS-V but the first one paired is the default. When you make a call from the car with Bluetooth, the car says "Making the call with <your recording of the name of the phone>."

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