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1997 Cadillac Seville ELC problems. HELP?

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We are having issues with our Cadillac Seviille's ELC system. We've changed the fuses but I am wondering if anyone has the schematic for the Relay system in the trunk. Any help wpuld be awesome

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First off Welcome to Caddyinfo.

Can you be more specific?

have you pulled codes off the onboard diagnostics?

There is a 30 amp ELC fuse in the trunk.


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We really need to have the OBD II codes to tell you anything with any degree of certainty. You can run them yourself with the buttons on the A/C and the driver's information center (DIC). Start by turning on the key and pressing <Off> and <Pass Warmer> together for a few seconds, until all the dash lights come on like they do when you turn on the key, then release them. The OBD II codes will then be displayed on the DIC for each module, one at a time. When done, you will get a prompt "PCM?" Take special note of any codes that are CURRENT. Write the codes down and post them here.

If the codes go by too fast and you miss one or two, press <Off> to start over. When you are done, press <Auto>, <Info reset>, or turn off the key.

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