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Replace air dryer during shock replacement?


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Dealer is replacing my shocks and starter total cost of $2300.00 (thank goodnes for extended warranties). According to the factory manual I have there is an air dryer that is part of the compressor assembly, should this dryer be replaced at the same time that the shocks are replaced? I think the part only runs about $100.00 seems like cheap insurance to protect such expensive shocks. My assumption is that the dryer must dry the air that gets pumped into the shocks, anybody know if this is true? They also show an air filter for the compressor, should this be replaced as well?

The dealer said the dryer and the filter hardly ever go bad so there is no need to replace. To me that thinking is off, I would think the dryer and filter protect the air that goes into the shocks (and compressor)?

Any thoughts?

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I probably wouldn't replace the drier assembly as part of routine rear shock replacement.

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OK Thanks guys I guess I won't worry about it and yes so far this dealer has been great. I just thought the compressor dryer might be a part that could be bad and no one would ever know it, the only symptom would be bad shocks.


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