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Interior Lights won't go off


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Hey guys! I have a 95 Deville. Every morning when I go out, the car battery is dead. I charged the battery and took it to Checker for an alternator test. They said battery & Alternator were ok. I think the problem is that the interior lights stay on. I don't think they are full strength on, but still illuminated.

I would assume this means there is a short somewhere, but how can I tell where?

Of course I could be way off and the lights are on, because "whatever turns off the lights and radio after 10 minute" thing isn't working either.

Does anyone have ANY Suggestions, 'cause this thing is driving me nutzs!?!

P.S. I should probably say I recently disconnected my power antenna because the motor never shut itself off, and my twilight sentinal system hasn't worked in about 5 years.

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The retained accessory power module is where you should begin troubleshooting. A factory service manual is a must.

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