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I have a starting issue with my STS. At times (when it wants to rather) has starting fits that can last, at maximum to date, 9 minutes. I got the car where the previous owner took a couple of resistors and tied them in line with the wires for the anti theft system or chip in the key. I found a lick cylinder at the wrecking yard with its respective key in it. I installed it in my car, hooked up the wires for the anti theft system and hoped it would start, but to my dimay, it did not. I am worried that if I get one off of ebay that I will have this same problem. Do I have to take the cables off the battery to make the computer recognize the new key? Some one please help me out here.

thank you

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No...you have to match the key to the system. There are 14 or 15 different GM key resister values.

New key cylinders can be had for about $25 at PepBoys/ parts stores. You can then run by a GM dealer and have a matching key made with the correct, original key resister value for maybe $10.

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