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Driver 1 Name Change


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After I gave my dealer the Tech II instructions he agreed to change mine for free, any suggestions? :unsure: Here are some the guys at work came up with:

Driver 1 => “Sugar Daddy”

Driver 2 => “Trophy Wife”

Driver 1 => “Wife lets me use”

Driver 2 => “Not his”

Driver 1 => “Accident Detected”

Driver 2 => “Airbag Deployed” (The last words of my '90 1/2 Allante)

Driver 1 => “Sit Down, Hang On”

Driver 2 => “And Shut up”

Driver 1 => “Kid Rock”

Driver 2 => “Pamela Anderson” (Then sell the thing as an eBay collectible)

Feedback and Suggestions welcome... The more politically incorrect the better!


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